My name is Ashley Cline, I’m a college student, hard worker, avid Christian, and of course, a writer. I find myself always ranting and “spieling” about different things going on in the world and my life (good and bad) and decided I should just take to the keyboard to write it all out. I’ve always enjoyed writing (top in all my college composition classes, if I might add) and figured, “What the heck, I’ve got something to say.”

So welcome to my page, as the name befits, I will simply be spieling about stuff, from aggravating trials to brilliant climaxes, I hope you’ll enjoy listening in on my thoughts and opinions. And occasionally from time to time, something or other about one of my other many “nerd” interests. (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Titanic, etc. etc.) I also hope some of you will understand and commiserate with me, as we all journey in our world of: Adulting….(ish).